The Digital Advertising Strategy for Your Home Services Business

We'll Help Your Home Services Business Grow Its Customer Base, Beat Its Competitors, and Stay Ahead of the Game Through Ad-Hoc Digital Marketing and Advertising Services.

Red Beard Digital Marketing Services

A Better Way to Showcase Your Best

The home services industry is as profitable as it is packed with fierce competitors. Sometimes, the same geographical area is home to dozens of home service providers, all claiming to deliver the best value for their customers.

So, how can you succeed at becoming THE preferred provider within your specific sector? The answer lies in having bulletproof marketing and advertising strategy.

The right type of content delivered at the right time to the right audience is what makes a business stand out amongst its rivals.

Sounds... complicated? Well, it kind of is. Putting together a bespoke marketing strategy, creating exceptional collaterals, and ranking high on Google search results is no easy feat.

But you don't need to go it alone: choose to work with the best digital marketing agency that can truly help your home services business shine. Choose Red Beard Digital Advertising.

We Make Your Marketing Work For You

At Red Beard Digital Advertising, we work hard on your marketing needs so that you don't have to. Go back to doing what you do best (and enjoy most) while we take care of your digital marketing and advertising for you.

A Full Range of Digital Marketing Services

Not quite sure where to start? Need targeted assistance with one specific aspect of your marketing strategy? Or, perhaps, you would like a more comprehensive package? Discover our service offering below.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Give your website the visibility it needs and deserves through ad-hoc paid advertising.

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Full-Service Pay-per-Click (PPC) Management

Step up your digital presence and grow your business with our in-house paid advertising management on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns.

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Social Media Advertising

Make the most of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like by using them to promote your products to users who are actually interested in them.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Always stay one step ahead of your competitors by knowing exactly what words or phrases your online users are searching for when looking for home services.

Simple Rates, Clear Results

Catering to All Providers of Professional Home Services

Whatever your home service specialty, we can deliver targeted solutions that are right for you.

Water Softener Systems

Give your water softener & conditioning system business a boost with digital advertising services to extend your reach.

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Enjoy a change of scenery for your digital marketing strategy.

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Moving Services

Turn a corner in your marketing strategy and lift your reputation with us.

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Give your heating and cooling business a breath of fresh air with tailored marketing and advertising.

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Empower your electrical business with the right tools of the trade for dazzling marketing and advertising campaigns.

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Pest Control

Get rid of dull, ineffective ads and crush the competition.

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Take your sales through the roof with our ad-hoc digital marketing services.

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Windows & Shutters

Shut down your competition with crystal clear messaging and high-impact digital marketing services.

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Unblock your marketing inefficiencies with our expert help for plumbing companies.

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How Does It Work?

To make things even smoother for you, we have designed an easy-peasy process. Take a look.

Step 1: Get in Touch With Us

First of all, visit our website and fill out our "Contact Us" form. Add in all the requested details, and remember to also include which service (or services) you need from us. Prefer email? No worries, shoot us your message at

Step 2: Obtain Your Customized Digital Marketing and Advertising Strategy

Once we have started our collaboration, we will put together a fully customized strategy to supercharge your marketing and advertising strategy.

Step 3: Implement It and Start Seeing Tangible Results

Now it's your turn: start implementing your brand new strategy, and you will soon begin to see some amazing results, including increased website traffic, more leads, and a boost in sales.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Digital Marketing for Home Services

With so many digital marketing agencies to choose from, you might be wondering: "Why Red Beard Digital Advertising"? We get you: you are working hard to provide the best services to your customers and expect the same for your own business.

Well, you have landed in the right place.

At Red Beard Digital Advertising, we have over seven years of professional experience in Google and Microsoft advertising and have been delivering outstanding marketing and advertising services to home services companies.

How do we achieve this? By working very closely with all our clients to help understand their business needs and offer our best and most personalized digital marketing solutions.

We don't do "one-size-fits-all" marketing: we sit down (or get on the phone!) with you, carefully review your needs, and then get to work on designing and developing the right strategy for YOUR success.

Oh, and did we mention that we have a thorough understanding of the home services industry? Your challenges, goals, and future plans are exactly our jam, so you can rest assured that we do get you.

Fair, Simple, Transparent Rates

At Red Beard Digital Advertising, we pride ourselves on offering flexible, affordable prices. Want to learn more?

Ready to Win More Clients Than Ever Before?

Why wait until tomorrow to reach new heights with your home services business?